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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:25


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This area has been added to provide you with our test and evaluation results on various 4X4-related products. What works and what does not "hold up" under our Western Adventures. Click on the title to view the full test.


The "Hood Lift"

The hood lift was one of the small items that has become a big surprise. I love the ease of not having to grab the hood support every time I open the hood. I have been testing this system and it is a must have item, if your vehicle did not come equipped with it.


The "Gobi Rack" system

I looked long and hard for roof rack for my JK Unlimited Jeep. I saw many that were poor, some OK and only one which came close to meeting the requirements I needed. The requirements were strong, low wind noise, looked good and quality made. I found the Gobi Stealth rack and not only did it meet, but exceeded my requirements. The rack with the Roof Top Tent is solid as the vehicle. I test everything to the max. before I will post it here to make sure it is as advertised. The strength of the Gobi rack with my tent, wife, me and our gear is outstanding! I have checked out the racks for the other vehicles that they make racks for and I am impressed with them as much as I am with the 4 door JK. Excellent Quality and more then I expected. This is the best that I could find at any price. A MUST HAVE!

The Raingler Cherokee Barrier Net
Our Raingler Net has been undergoing constant testing and came out a winner. I feel it should be in all 4X4 SUV vehicles to provide the increased safety it adds for occupants. Rated as a MUST HAVE!

The Zodi Shower and Tent Heater
We all get dirty and it is always nice to clean up at the end of the day, which is now easy - even while adventuring! Cold weather should never be an excuse for not camping! We are finishing the first year of testing the Zodi hot water shower and tent heaters. The results are in and yes, "you can take it with you!" Rated as the best products for the "year around" outdoor person.

The Wildnerness Systems PAMLICO 160 Kayak
It has taken me a year to find the right Kayak for my personal use. The recreational kayak from Wilderness Systems that I chose is the PAMLICO 160. Considering all the recreational waters around, it was time to "test the waters". The results are in and the PAMLICO 160 is what works for me. This is a rated as a best buy.

The Cobb BBQ Cooking System -
Western Adventures is HOT with this one. The new and easy to use outdoor and camping BBQ. This is a great camping addition for the outdoor person. Best of all it is portable and safe way to cook. The Cobb portable BBQ uses a small number (8) BBQ bouquets to cook with. For home or on the go the Cobb BBQ. Rated as an excellent buy!

The 4x4 Trailers Inc. "LV-416 Sierra" Trailer -
After 20,000 miles of towing this trailer behind the Jeep XJ, Frenchie says: "The LV- 416 is fully Baja proven, and that is the true test of strength of any product".

The "Maggiolina Extreme" Car Top Tent -
After 10,000 miles, covering the Western United States and Mexico, Frenchie was very impressed with this latest Car Top Tent as he put it through some "extreme" and very rugged testing. The Maggiolina Extreme passed with "flying colors"!

"Columbus Days" Car Top Tent -
After twenty four full months, mounted on a '99 Cherokee, during which we have been traveling throughout the western United States and Mexico, we feel you will be interested to find out how this Lofty product held up under our expectations, (with about 300+ nights sleeping in it and 65,000 miles of travel on the vehicle).

The "Dometic Fridge/Freezer"
The new Dometic Fridge/Freezer - Now with twelve months of testing and many stressed situations the results are in and they are very good. This is one of the best investments we have ever made. The unit has three-way power 12 volt DC, 110 volt AC and propane. Whether you are out for the weekend or a longer adventure you will want to have this Fridge/Freezer.

Note: We will be adding more product evaluations as time, (and adventures) go on. Recommend you bookmark this page and visit it occasionally for new product test and evaluations by the Western Adventures Explorers Club.

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